Mike Agar


About Me

Trust me to refine your product, build your team, and execute your plan. For the past eight years I have specialized in creating best in class user experiences in consumer electronics. I've led large and small engineering teams and have the skills to carry a bulk of the programming load on my own shoulders.

If your software team is weak, I will make it better.
If your project is floundering, I will rescue it.
If you don't know about either, you most definitely need me.

( HINT: You should try to hire me )


I am also available as a freelancer on a contract basis. If you need a single expert to do all the work, that's me. Here is a small sample of things I've built:

{ your project here }

I'm happy to take on your challenge and bring your dream to life.

Give me a quick phone call or send me an email and we'll get started.


Supervise your home Internet with the Kindera Wi-Fi Hub.

Kindera is the ultimate Parental Control solution for your home. Everything that is wrong about other parental control solutions we fixed. The sophistication of our solution stands above all the rest.

Technology Stack:

  • PHP / nginx / MariaDB
  • Bootstrap / jQuery / D3
  • Stripe
  • SendWithUs
  • Machine Learning Hadoop & Mahout
  • Custom Embedded Linux

  • Hippodex

    Connecting 3D People with 3D Printers

    Hippodex helps people with 3D Printers recover the cost of their printer by sharing it with their local maker community.

    Technology Stack:

  • PHP / nginx / MariaDB
  • Bootstrap / jQuery
  • PayPal
  • Geo-location

  • SaaS

    Sudoku as a Service

    My private exploration of the Phalcon PHP MVC framework produced this delightful tongue-in-cheek SaaS. And honestly I couldn't keep it to myself.

    Technology Stack:

  • Phalcon PHP
  • Bootstrap / jQuery
  • HTML5 Canvas

  • If you can imagine it, I can build it