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Asking for Help is a Good Sign

Too many startup founders believe that they need to have all the answers.  Too many struggle and end up learning things the hard way. Too many.  Including me.

In the past three years I’ve changed my habit and instead I’m freely sharing my problems and seeking advice.  I joined a Mastermind.

Joining a Mastermind Group is among the best methods for breaking the cycle.  You’re inserted into a group of peers all facing similar challenges.  It’s where simply discussing each others’ problems makes the insurmountable seem trivial.

The recipe that works well for us is a once a month cadence with a round robin of 30 minutes per member. We share a problem and the group collectively address it.  Obviously group size matters here.  Ten people would make that a 5 hour session.  So we settled on four members and try to get it done in an afternoon.

If you can’t find a Mastermind, then try to seek out various Slacks, Discords, and Forums dedicated to the startup founder life.  Most are generous with their time and you get valid recommendations for simple problems in the same day.

The startup founder community is among the most generous and supportive in the world.  It’s where I learned the wisdom of asking for advice and in turn benefit of offering a helping hand.

Whatever your need, I’m here to help.