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Canada’s #1 Search Engine for Loans

I joined LoanConnect’s two founders in the very early days of this company.  Together we built this simple idea into a million dollar business through various methods of growth hacking.

As CTO I managed the complete overhaul of the technology stack to support the rapid growth generated by our three main channels: Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and Customer Call Centre Operations.

The microservices architecture dramatically improved site performance while enabling numerous new data initiatives in the back-office to proceed independently of the daily operations of the site and its users.

KPIs and OKRs

  • Increased revenue 20x
  • Notably 50% of all revenue generated via Email Marketing
  • A/B Split Test framework and custom CMS enabled numerous concurrent growth experiments and quick wins
  • A sophisticated User Tracking System for Affiliate Revenue Sharing
  • Fully instrumented sales funnel with Cohort and Segmentation Reporting for our Affiliate Partners
  • Automated Call Centre Operations with an Auto Dialer directly coupled to the customers’ loan life cycle events; doubling the CSR revenues
  • Pionneered an Open API initiaive with our lenders to share data and reduce abandon rate by 75%





The Easy Way to Supervise Your Home Internet

Imagine a WiFi Router that made it simple to monitor and control home devices from anywhere.  Imagine a UX designed to simplify the Parenting Workflow. Imagine making it easy to setup and so intuitive that you don’t need customer support; it just doesn’t go wrong.

As the Technical Co-Founder it fell to me to take loosely defined product description and make it a reality. In a span of 18 Months I took an idea all the way to a shipping consumer hardware product.

Technical Achievments

  • Machine Learning Web Crawler that accurately labels websites according to their content for age based content filtering
  • Zero Latency Web Filtering capable of blocking websites at gigabit speeds
  • Instant Block and Unblock making the Parental experience smooth and delightful
  • VPN Blocking and DoH Blocking making it impossible to circumvent
  • Live Network View show the parent where their children are going on the internet and how much time and bandwidth they are using

Lessons Learned

  • Bootstrapping a Hardware Company is a significant challenge
  • Choosing your market is more important than choosing a problem to solve
  • B2C companies must build their distribution channels before building the product
  • A truly great product does not guarantee success